Corpay One brings you an incredible product subscription-free. We don’t charge domestic transaction fees for our ACH, Check or Virtual Card payment methods. We also don’t charge scanning fees, or any subscription fees for our Accounting partners, including zero monthly client or user fees.

What fees does Corpay One charge?
We do charge fees for specific situations: You may add payment functionality for International Wire Payments for $9.50 per wire, and we also assess $25 fees for payment troubleshooting (for example, a chargeback, return, or voiding a payment after it leaves your bank account). See terms and conditions for details.

This means that, among other things, you get the following for free:

Unlimited Users

You can add as many coworkers to your Corpay One account as you like

Fully Automated Scanning

All data on documents submitted to Corpay One are automatically analyzed

Unlimited Receipt Uploads

You can upload as many receipts as you like without any fees or limitations

Automated Bookkeeping

Corpay One automatically categorizes your company's documents

Mobile App

Put Corpay One in your pocket with our smartphone app

Accounting System Sync

All documents and payments are automatically synced to your ERP

Unlimited Workflows

Create unlimited workflows to automate approvals and bookkeeping

Slack and Zapier Integrations

Connect Corpay One to one of our third party integrations

Live Chat Support

Our support team is only one click away and ready to assist you

So how much do I pay?

You're only charged for the payments you make with Corpay One. The price depends on the type of payment:

Send an ACH Payment


Send a Check


International Wire Payment


Employee Reimbursement


  • If you need a customized solution for your business, you can also request a demo of our Enterprise or Advisor plan here.

  • Learn more about how Corpay One makes money here.

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