Please note, Approval Flows are currently in Beta, and is limited to select customers!

Approval flows are an ordered list of co-workers on your team that can be appointed to approve your company's documents, which can repeatedly be applied to individual documents manually, or in a workflow.

How to create an approval flow:

  1. In Workflows, click on the Approval Flows tab, and click Create Approval Flow to open the approval flow builder

  2. Give your Approval Flow a Name, and designate co-workers, departments or locations, in the consecutive order for which a document should be given approval.

💡 Hint! Click the (+) button to add additional layers of approvers

How to apply an approval flow on workflow or manually

Apply an approval flow on a workflow:

  1. Create or edit an existing workflow.

  2. Under actions, select Approval.

  3. Drag and drop your desired approval flow into your workflow.

Apply an Approval Flow manually on pending documents:

  1. Select a document.

  2. On the top right, click the Assign Approver dropdown menu.

  3. Select the approval flow that you would like to apply to the document.

  • Here, you can also create a new approval flow and apply it to the document straight away.

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