Workflows allows you to manage your company's documents with simple "if this, then that" rules.

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With Corpay One's Workflows, your company can automatically perform a long range of accounting actions, such as approving and categorizing documents. Corpay One's simple workflow creator lets you prescribe actions based on information collected from your documents, which serve as triggers for activating workflows. The feature is designed to make approvals and financial processes quick, logical and manageable, all while keeping you completely in control.

By creating customized workflows for your documents, you can define how your they should be processed when submitted to Corpay one. The possibilities range from automatically appointing document approvers, to categorizing bills from a certain vendor, to recording a note when a document contains specific keywords, and so on.

Workflows can be advanced, customized and sequential, enforcing multiple actions to be performed in a certain order based on your company's needs.

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