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Getting started with Corpay One

The guides in this collection will help you take the first steps in setting up Corpay One.

Quick guides

This collection contains quick guides for various Corpay One features. Hand them out to new employees to get them started quickly!

Corpay One MasterCard

Find articles related to the Corpay One MasterCard here from the application process, billing, any any maintenance needed.

Document handling

The guides in this collection focus on the basics of submitting and handling the various types of documents in Corpay One.


This collection is dedicated to teaching you about everything payments-related in Corpay One - setting up payment sources, handling individual payments, and much more.

Approvals and automation

These articles teach you how to use Workflows to automate your company's payment approvals, categorization and general document handling.

ERPs, integrations and accounting

Learn how to integrate with your existing accounting software and tech stack for double the efficiency.

Get started with your Corpay One Advisor account

Here you can find guides about setting up and using your Corpay One Advisor account.

Account, settings and coworkers

Keeping your plan, team, and settings up-to-date as you scale with Corpay One.

The security of Corpay One

In this section, we describe Corpay One's security measures.

The fine print

Here you can find basic info about Corpay One.