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How to choose a Primary Department for a co-worker
How to choose a Primary Department for a co-worker

This article describes how to use primary departments for automatic department selection.

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What is a primary department?

If a primary department is selected for a coworker, this department will automatically be selected for documents added by this coworker.

  • You don't have to choose a primary department for a coworker. If coworker who hasn't been assigned a primary department adds a document, you can easily manually add a department in the Department field on the document:

How do I assign a primary department to a co-worker?

Go to Settings > Team, and click the desired co-worker. You can now select a primary for that coworker:

You can choose from departments that were imported from your company's accounting platform via an integration or that were have created manually in Settings > List > Departments (if no departments were created, the ability to select a primary department will not be visible).

  • You can also use the company's workflow to automatically select department for new documents. Read more about setting up workflow here.

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