Note: In March, 2021, Roger officially changed its name to Corpay One. Our features and functionality have not changed. To learn more and understand the change, read more.

What is a primary department?

If a primary department is selected for a coworker, this department will automatically appear on the expenses added by this coworker. 

  • You don't have to choose a primary department for a coworker. If coworker who hasn't been assigned a primary department adds an expense, you can easily manually add a department in the Select department field on the expense.

How do I assign a primary department to a coworker?

Under the individual coworker's settings (select Coworkers on the left side menu, then click on the three dots right next to the desired coworker). you can indicate a primary department for that coworker:

You can choose from departments that have already been created on the company account (if no departments were created, the ability to select a primary department will not be visible). You must ensure that you have created all desired departments under Settings > Departments before choosing the primary department of a coworker. 

  • You can also use the company's workflow to automatically assign selected expenses to a given department. Read more about how to set up a workflow for the company here
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