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Setting up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in Corpay One
Setting up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in Corpay One

Learn to set up 2FA for your Corpay One account for extra security.

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We offer 2FA to our customers to ensure the highest level of account security. The following steps will help you get it set up using our recommended authenticator app, Google Authenticator.

1. Download Google Authenticator app for your smartphone (or another authenticator app):

2. Log in to your Corpay One account, click your name in the lower left corner, and go to My Profile > Security.

3. Connect your Corpay One account with the Authenticator app. This can be done in two ways: 

  • Use the app to scan the QR code.

  • Enter the 16 digit code manually (this is your recovery code).

4. IMPORTANT! Keep your recovery code safe.

Please save your 16 digit recovery code, and store it somewhere safe. If your smartphone gets lost or reset, you need this recovery code to access your Corpay One account again.

5. Generate first six-digit one-time code.

The authenticator app will generate a random six-digit one-time code that you need to access your Corpay One account. Enter the code in the text box in the center of the screen, and click Enable 2FA


That's it! From now on, each time you log in to your Corpay One account you will be asked to enter both your password and then the randomly generated six-digit one-time code to access the account.

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