Connect Corpay One with Xero

This article describes how to set up and use Corpay One's integration for Xero accounting software.

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What does Corpay One's integration for Xero do?

Corpay One's integration with Xero automatically syncs your bills, receipts, and credit notes from Corpay One to Xero, including vendor invoices and payments:

  1. When an invoice is submitted to your Corpay One account, the integration automatically creates a vendor invoice entry in your Xero account under that vendor. If the vendor is not already in your Xero contact list, Corpay One will automatically create it for you. 

  2. When the invoice is paid via Corpay One , the integration automatically creates a vendor payment entry in your Xero account under that vendor. 

What data can I sync between Corpay One and Xero?

The diagram below shows which and how data flows between Corpay One and Xero:

How do I set up the Xero integration? 

1. First, make sure you're logged into Corpay One. Once you're logged in, go to Settings > Integrations in the left side menu. This takes you to an overview of Corpay One's integrations. Here, click Learn more on the Xero integration to continue:

2. This takes you to the integration landing page. To start connecting Corpay One with Xero, click the Connect button below the Xero logo:

  • ❗ This button will instead say Configure if you have already connected Corpay One with Xero.

3. Now, another window opens. Here you will see a list of the permissions that you need to give Xero in order to access your data in Corpay One. Click Allow at the bottom to continue:

4. Click Connect to start the integration setup:

  • ❗ This button will instead say Configure if you have already connected Corpay One with Xero. In addition, a button labeled Disconnect will be shown at the bottom that you can click to remove an existing integration.

5. First, enter your credentials for Xero to log into your Xero account.

Click Log in to continue:

6. Then allow Corpay One access to your Xero data.

Click Allow access to continue:

7. You will now find yourself in the actual integration setup. First, select the team in Xero that you would like to connect with Corpay One (if you only have one team in Xero, then you can of course only select that team):

8. Then select the default account that will be applied to documents in Corpay One when no other account has been selected. Also, make sure that your whole chart of accounts is imported from Xero to Corpay One by clicking the slider button next to Import categories (in Corpay One, accounts are referred to as 'categories'). Lastly, take this chance to select whether to sync document data before or after documents are approved in Corpay One, and whether to delete documents altogether when they are declined in Corpay One.
Click Next to continue:

9. Now, select a default payment account from the dropdown to use for payments made in Corpay One (and bills that have been marked as paid in Corpay One).

Click Next to continue:

10. Lastly, you must select whether to import your tax rates from Xero. Click the slider to import tax rates, or leave it as is (tax rates will be imported as a custom list under Settings > Lists). You can read more about tax rates in Xero in Xero's help center here.

Complete the integration setup by clicking Finish:

11. You will now see that the integration is being finalized. A confirmation screen will confirm the integration before disappearing automatically:

That's it!

You will be sent back to the initial Xero integration page that confirms that your Xero integration has been set up (notice that the Connect button has now changed to Connected).


How do I disconnect from Xero?

  • Go to the Xero integration page and click the Configure button just below the Xero logo. This opens a window where you simply have to click Disconnect to disconnect Corpay One from your Xero account. 

What doesn't the integration do (yet)?

  • Corpay One does not sync back the list of invoices you have in Xero and non current lability accounts you have in Xero will not sync to Corpay. But rest assured, we are working on it!

When and how does data sync occur?

  • When you submit a document to Corpay One, you will see a matching invoice entry in Xero. In the integration setup you can select whether this synchronization happens only when a document is approved, or as soon as it's submitted to Corpay One.

  • Any changes of categories, departments, notes, etc. on a document in Corpay One will immediately be reflected on the corresponding entry in Xero.

  • When you pay a bill in Corpay One you will see the payment info reflected in Xero.

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