Note: In March, 2021, Roger officially changed its name to Corpay One. Our features and functionality have not changed. To learn more and understand the change, read more.

Here's an overview of which keyboard shortcuts you can use when handling documents on the Bill Pay page. 

1 2 3 4 5  (after clicking a document):
Switch between the tabs on an expanded document (Details, Timeline, Payment, Integrations and Communication, respectively).

A / D (after clicking a document):
Approve or decline the expanded document. 

/ or J / K (after opening a document in fullscreen view):
Navigate to the previous document or to the next document. 

E / Esc (after clicking a document or opening it in fullscreen view):
Open a document in fullscreen view after clicking it, or close the fullscreen view of the document.

S / Esc :
Open and close the search field.

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