Merging vendors

Notice a duplicate vendor in your account, or have one vendor that goes by two names? Here's how to merge vendors.

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At some point while using Corpay One, you may notice duplicate vendors due to a slight variation in spelling on an invoice, or perhaps with a vendor that goes by two names. We've made it simple to merge vendors into one to consolidate vendor payment data, and retain consistency when syncing with your accounting software. 

1. Start by navigating to Bill Pay > Vendors in your web app:

2. Select the vendor whom you'd like to merge into another vendor by selecting the dots to the right of the vendor's name.

3. A pop-up will appear prompting you to select the vendor into whom you'd like to merge the original vendor you selected. An additional clarifying text will be on the pop-up that states:

4. Click Confirm and Merge. Now all existing and future bills in Corpay One will appear with the name of the merged vendor. 

How does merging vendor affect existing bills when syncing with my accounting software?

Depending on the settings in your integration, the change in vendor on a bill may trigger a new sync with your accounting software. Otherwise, when the bill proceeds for payment, it will automatically record to the new, merged vendor's listing.

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