Reimbursements tabs explained

Get the full overview of the Reimbursements tabs and what they mean for generating expense reports.

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When you open an expense report in Corpay One, in Tools > Reimbursements, three tabs appear at the top of the screen that contains a variety of information and settings to cater to your needs. This article describes what each tab has to offer:

  • Note: In the upper area of the expense report screen, just below the Submit expense report button, you can see if the posting report is open or completed. New receipts can only be added when the report is open.


This tab shows all the receipts a co-worker has added to their expense report and is displayed as a simplified version of the company's Bill Pay section. New receipts can be added to the report by clicking the Add receipt to this report button.

Filed Reports

This tab shows an overview the submission of this particular expense report. It displays the unique ID for the individual submission, the date and time of submission, the number of receipts per submission, as well as the total amount. Each of these submissions has generated a bill in the company's Inbox. Any notes that the employee has added to the report are included as well.

There could be an unlimited number of filed submissions for each report, as long as you do not have the "close after submission" setting selected in the Properties tab.


This tab shows the settings for the expense report. Some of these settings were generated when the report was created, and others can be set afterwards. Below is a summary of the various settings:

  • Receiver of Payment: Here is your bank information - i.e. the payment information that the company uses to reimburse you. If you changed your payment information between two submissions, this will be noted here.

  • Name of Report: Here is the name of the expense report that was selected upon its creation.

  • Default Currency: This is the currency of the report. Only receipts in this currency can be added to the report.

  • Email Uploads: Toggle on this option to enable you and others to submit receipts to this report by sending them to the email address listed here.

  • Close Report When Submitting: Toggle on this option to automatically close this expense report as soon as the report is submitted. If you do not toggle this on, you will continue being able to add receipts to this expense report and file it as often as you like (the expense report's name will be the same every time you submit it unless you change it in between).

  • Delete Expense Report: Use this button to delete the report and all postings therein. A report cannot be deleted if it has already been submitted for reimbursement.

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