How to edit an already activated workflow

A workflow that has been activated on one or more documents can't be edited just like that. This article explains how to get around this.

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When has a workflow been activated?

When one or more documents have activated a workflow, i.e. the document is pending approval as defined in the workflow, the workflow is considered "activated". As long as this document has not been finally approved by the appointed approvers, the workflow remains "activated". As long as the workflow is "activated" it cannot be

edited. When you click the Edit button on such a workflow, you will be taken to the workflow builder as usual, but the message This workflow is in use, and cannot be modified will be shown at the top.

How to edit an activated workflow

As mentioned above, an activated workflow cannot be edited. Instead, the best alternative is to create a copy of the workflow, edit the copy as you see fit, and delete the original workflow as soon as possible. Check this out:

1. First, find the original workflow that you wish to change in Advanced > Workflow. Then, copy the workflow by clicking here:

2. This will create an identical copy of the original workflow that is paused by default and that has "(1)" added to the original name. As long as a workflow is paused, it cannot be activated by new documents:

3. You must now edit the copy with the desired changes by clicking the Edit button on the copy. In this example we'll change the workflow trigger from $100 to $50. In addition, we'll change the name of the workflow from "Old workflow (1)" to "New workflow" to keep things simple. When these changes are saved, New Workflow will automatically become active so that new documents can activate it:

4. You must now pause Old Workflow in order to prevent it from being activated by new documents:

5. When all appointed coworkers have approved the existing documents that previously activated Old Workflow, you will be able to delete Old Workflow by clicking the trash can icon (if any of the appointed coworkers are not available, you can activate Away Mode for them to have other coworkers approve in their place):

6. That's it! You have now "edited" the old workflow by creating a new workflow that was edited as needed.

Det var dét! Du har nu "ændret" det oprindelige workflow ved at oprette et nyt workflow, som du har tilpasset efter dine behov.

💡 Do you wish to delete an activated workflow?

Then you must also make sure to first approve all documents that activated the workflow and are pending approval according to the workflow (if any of the appointed coworkers are not available, you can activate Away Mode for them to have other coworkers approve in their place).

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