Switching from Live to Demo

By switching to Demo in Corpay One, you can easily try out all of Corpay One's features without limitations. Find out how in this article.

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When you first log into any new tool, it's helpful to see exactly how that tool can be used to the fullest. To help our users get started, you can toggle on Demo Mode to explore Corpay One's full functionality using demo data.

With Demo Mode, you will have access to a demo account where you can do (almost) everything as you can on your own, live Corpay One account. Demo Mode is a great way for you to test out all features in Corpay One - risk-free.

In the demo account you can do the following:

  • Add bills, credit notes, and receipts

  • Add a new vendor (both manually or as an import)

  • Create and use workflows

  • Use the Reimbursements feature

  • Add coworkers

  • Create lists - classes, departments, location, etc.

  • Adjust all the settings to see their full functionality

  • Set up integrations to your accounting system

Switching from a live account to a demo account is done by clicking on the Demo switch on the lower left side of the screen:

You can always check to see if you are in Live Mode or Demo Mode by looking for the purple highlighted button at the bottom and the yellow banner in the top of your demo account.

Add a payment method in Demo Mode

It's not possible to process payments of bills in Corpay One's demo environment but in order to test how the process works, a user can add a test payment method. Access settings > payment sources > add payment sources > credit card

Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

Expiry: 07/24

CVC: 242

Zip code: 42424

Test documents

All documents added to Corpay One in the demo account will not be analyzed and will therefore only contain random data for test purposes.

Existing coworkers in your Corpay One account who are using Demo Mode will be created as coworkers on the same demo account.

Everyone will automatically be created as Administrators in the Demo account. That way everyone can try out all functions and features in Corpay One to help them succeed and use Corpay One to the fullest.

Take Corpay One for a Demo to get acquainted, then switch back to Live to really get started! ๐Ÿค“

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