Applying a credit note

How to add, convert, and apply a credit note to a vendor bill

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Receiving credit notes and applying them has always been a task in accounting that if not vigilantly tracked, could lead to full payments when unnecessary and additional time reconciling accounts.

With Corpay One you can add, apply, and track credit notes with ease and accuracy, like never before!

  1. First, have the credit note uploaded using any of the methods found here.

  2. Then you will need to locate the bill that you want to apply the credit note to on the Bill Pay page.

  3. Click on the three dots menu on the bill, and then click Merge credit note:

This opens a new window in the side of the screen where you can apply the credit note and other credit notes on your account. Select the desired credit note(s), and click Save to continue:

You will now see that the bill's payment amount is reduced by the amount of the credit note that was applied:

That's it!

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