Corpay One in the UK

Corpay One is currently in beta in the UK. This articles gives you an overview of limitations on Corpay One in the UK.

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Limitations on Corpay One in the UK

  • Payments aren't supported: When using Corpay One in the UK, the payments features are currently unavailable. In other words, no payments can be made through Corpay One for UK companies. This limitation also applies to Corpay Oneøs Reimbursements feature.

  • Limited selection of integrations: UK companies currently have access to Corpay One's integrations for QuickBooks Online, Xero, Zapier and Slack. Corpay One's integration for Sage Intacct is currently in development.

This article will be updated continuously as more and more Corpay One features become available. These updates will also be announced via newsletters and other public channels.

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