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How to export your data from Corpay One to a .CSV file
How to export your data from Corpay One to a .CSV file

Create reports, and manipulate your records and transactions by exporting them directly from your account.

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With just a few clicks, Corpay One allows you to export all of your records (vendor, category, etc.) and transactions (bills, bill payments, receipts, etc.) to a .CSV file.

How to do it

1. In Bill Pay, use filters to define which documents to show, and click Save in the filter window to save your selection:

2. Next, select the documents you'd like to export by clicking the check box next to each document, and click on the export button in the black bar at the bottom (if you'd like to export all documents, just check the box in black bar at the bottom that appears when you start cheking boxes):

3. That's it! Corpay One will now download a .CSV-file directly to your computer.

Which data fields are exported to the .CSV file?

The .CSV file will be divided into columns, each containing one of the following data fields:

  • Vendor

  • Document number (# number in Corpay One)

  • Invoice number (analyzed off of the document)

  • Amount

  • Payment amount

  • Issue date

  • Due date

  • Status

  • Type (bill, receipt, credit note, reimbursement)

  • Note

  • Category

  • Payment source

  • Department

  • Custom lists (classes, payment accounts, locations, etc.)

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