How do I pay a bill before its due date?

You can easily pay a bill before its due date by clicking the Pay Now button.

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When you add a bill, it will be automatically be set to pay on the due dated stated on the bill. This means we will draft the payment in advance so that it arrives on the due date. If you wish to pay a bill before its due date, you can follow the steps bellow:

1. Select the bill you want to pay before its due date from the ALL tab or SCHEDULED tab in Inbox (bills in the PENDING tab must be approved first), and click the Pay Now button:

2. Next, you'll receive a final confirmation that this payment has now been initiated.

3. The bill payment has now been initiated and will be completed within the next 3-7 days. This is also reflected in the bill's status changing from Unpaid to Initiated. You can read more about tracking a payment here.

  • You can click on the bill's Timeline tab to view more details about the bill, such as when it was approved, initialized, and paid.

  • Once it has been paid, the bill will be moved from the UNPAID tab to the PAID tab (and will still visible be in the ALL tab). It will be found under the month in which it was actually paid. The bill's status will be changed to Paid.

  • You can also change a bill's due date if you do not wish to pay the bill immediately but would like to schedule it to be paid on a different date than its original due date. This, however, will also update the bill's due date in any connected integrations.
    Read more about how to change a bill's due date in this article.

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