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How to Archive a document
How to Archive a document

Archive allows you to remove bills from view to clean up your documents, but access them in future with a filter.

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What is an Archived document?

An Archived document is one that has been hidden from the expense list view, allowing you to clean up your documents view.

What documents can be Archived?

Any document in an end status can be archived. This includes:

  • Cancelled

  • Duplicate

  • Refunded

  • Paid

  • Marked as Paid

How do I Archive a document?

  1. On an eligible document, click the ARCHIVE button in the upper righthand side of the document details.

  2. Next you’ll be prompted to confirm you want to Archive the document. Click the ARCHIVE button to confirm.

  3. You document is now Archived and hidden from view. If you’d like to view your Archived documents, select the “Include Archived Documents” checkbox in the search filter.

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