Items Sync with QuickBooks Online
Written by Beth Schwartz
Updated over a week ago

Items is an option in QuickBooks Online that can be turned on as needed. It is used to identify products and services a business buys and sells. When an Items list exists in QuickBooks, Corpay One will automatically pull it into the application so that it can be used on documents.

A new toggle exists on a Bill, Receipt, Credit Note and Reimbursement (Coming Soon - Corpay Mastercard Receipt) when Items is used in QuickBooks Online. The toggle gives the option to categorize the document by a Category or Item. The quantity field only shows when Item is picked.

When one option is selected, the other option is not be accessible.

When a document is split out into multiple lines, for each line a Category or Item can be selected.

For each Item the Quantity field will default to 1 and can be updated with the correct quantity on the document.

Items will sync to QuickBooks Online to the Items fields. Based on the Amount and Quantity the Rate field is automatically populated. Other labels such as Class or Customer/Project will also sync when populated in Corpay One.

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