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FAQs for the QuickBooks Desktop integration using the Codat Connector
FAQs for the QuickBooks Desktop integration using the Codat Connector
Written by Beth Schwartz
Updated over a week ago

Q: Why did QuickBooks Desktop prompt me with a “QuickBooks - Application with No Certificate” to give access to my company file?

  • A: QuickBooks may ask you to verify the permission of the connector. The recommendation is to choose the option “Whenever this QuickBooks company file is open”.

Q: If I merge a vendor in Corpay One will it Merge the vendor in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • A: No, with this integration type, the vendor must be merged inside QuickBooks Desktop separately from Corpay One.

Q: If a document is canceled in Corpay One will it be deleted from QuickBooks Desktop as well?

  • A: Yes, the integration does allows for the deletion of documents in QuickBooks Desktop.

Q: How long does a sync take?

  • A: The sync process travels from Corpay One to an integration app that stores the data to share with QuickBooks desktop when it is available. If QuickBooks is open at the time of the sync it will take about 1-5 minutes for the sync to occur. It will depend on how much data in the integration app has to catch up.

Q: What do I do if something in Corpay One does not Sync to QuickBooks desktop?

  • A: Either Kick off a manual resync within Corpay One by selecting the multiple documents in Corpay One and clicking the resync icon (picture 1) or launch the integration application from your Windows desktop and click the Perform Sync link (picture 2)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Q: Will the Corpay One Mastercard transactions sync from Corpay One to QuickBooks Desktop?

  • A: Yes, Corpay One Mastercard transactions automatically sync to QuickBooks Desktop. You can also utilize the .qbo file which is available to download the Mastercard transactions from Corpay One and upload them into QuickBooks Desktop.

Q: I applied a Credit Note to a bill. Why did the merge not show up in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • A: Once the payment is made to the bill through Corpay One then the Credit Note will appear as applied to the bill in QuickBooks Desktop.

Q: If I change the document type in Corpay One (for example from a Bill to a Receipt) will it automatically change the document type in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • A: No, because documents cannot be deleted from QuickBooks Desktop the document conversion process can not automatically happen in QuickBooks Desktop.

Q: I need to make changes to the integration configuration. How do I do that?

  • A: Got to Settings > Integrations > QuickBooks Desktop to access the integration. From the dropdown pick the connected company. Click the Configure button to access the integration configuration screen.

Q: I want to uninstall and reinstall the Integration Connector to start the process again. How do I do that?

  • A: Before uninstalling the Integration Connector from your computer, first return to the integration (same instructions as the configuration Q&A) and click the Disconnect button.

  • Then, on a Windows machine go to the Windows > Settings > Apps to uninstall the Corpay-quickbooksdesktop-connector application.

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