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Check Payment Details
Check Payment Details

This article will help you find the check details for any check payments that you send out to your vendor.

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Locate Check # / Details

There are a few reasons you may need the payment details for your check payments (for your accounting records or your vendor may need them to verify a payment).

Currently, we have the option to locate your check number and the date your check was mailed within our app.

  1. From your main screen, click on Bill Pay > Inbox on the far left Menu

  2. Once your Inbox populates, click on the "Scheduled" or "Paid" tab to seach your payment. You can also search for the document using the bill # or key words.

    1. Scheduled: Payment has been approved and is currently processing

    2. Paid: Check has been deposited successfully

  3. Select your payment so that the details populate for this specific payment. On the payment drawer to the right of the screen, select the "Timeline" tab to load additional details. You will see any approvals/changes made to the bill as well as the date and check number that was mailed to your vendor.

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