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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central: Business Central Integration Update Guide
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central: Business Central Integration Update Guide
Written by Amy Norton
Updated over a week ago

Please note: The Corpay One - Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Integration is configurable with the standard Business Central setup model. Note that any customization to the set up of your Business Central ERP e.g customized accounting preferences or columns in ledgers, accounts or line items may not be compatible with our current integration.


This article provides guidance on updating your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration with Corpay One following enhancements or new features introduced by our engineering team.

Please note: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central updates must be installed by the ERP admin in your organisation.

1. Update the application in Business Central Admin Center

  • When Required: You'll receive an email from Corpay One Support specifying if this step is needed.

  • Steps:

    1. Log in to your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP. Navigate to the Admin Center within your Business Central

    2. Navigate to the 'App Management' section.

    3. Locate your "Corpay One Integrations" extension.

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

2. Reconfigure Integration in Corpay One application:

  • When Required: Specific instructions will be sent via email if reconfiguration is necessary.

  • Steps:

    1. Log into your Corpay One account.

    2. Go to the integration settings area.

    3. Follow the provided instructions in this article to reconfigure the integration with Business Central.

3. Performing Both Updates:

  • When Required: In some cases, both an application update and a reconfiguration may be necessary. Guidance will be provided via email.​

  • Steps: Complete both sets of instructions outlined above.

    Here is a very helpful video: a step-by-step guide to updating your Integration

Important Notes:

  • Proactive Communication: Always await instructions from the Corpay One support team before initiating any updates.

  • Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions, contact for assistance.

Conclusion: Staying updated ensures optimal performance and access to new features. Follow these steps carefully and reach out to our support team whenever needed for a seamless update experience.

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