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1x1 PINs for Employee Cards: A Comprehensive Guide
1x1 PINs for Employee Cards: A Comprehensive Guide
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Employee cards with employee prompting offer a secure way to manage transactions by assigning a card to a specific employee. This setup combines the convenience of personal cards with security through unique PIN prompts.

Employee Cards Overview

Employee cards function similarly to consumer credit cards but are personalized for individual use within a corporate context at Fuel & Maintenance locations. As mandated by Mastercard, these cards are personalized with the cardholder's first and last name, clearly associating the card with its specific user.

Card Features Include:

  • Spend Limit Reset Frequency: Choose how often the card's spend limit resets, with options for daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Card Controls (Spend Categories): Tailor card usage according to specific spend categories, including:

    • Open to All

    • Travel and Expense

    • Fuel & Maintenance

    • Fuel Locations

    • Fuel Pump Only

Understanding 1x1 PINs

1x1 PINs are unique to individual employee cards, ensuring that the PIN linked to a card is exclusive and not interchangeable among cards. When conducting transactions, the employee is prompted to enter this specific PIN, which may also include an odometer reading entry for added security and tracking.

Viewing and Editing 1x1 PINs

Desktop Application:

  1. Log in to your CP1 account.

  2. Navigate to the Manage Cards page.

  3. Select and click on an employee card to view its details.

  4. To view the PIN, click the “eye” icon next to the PIN field. Click again to hide it.

  5. To edit the PIN:

    • In the card details view, click "Edit Card" in the top right corner.

      • Note—if the user does not have card editing permissions, they will not be able to do this.

    • Next to the PIN field, click the edit icon.

    • Use the “Generate” button for a new PIN or enter one manually.

    • Click "Save" to apply changes.

Mobile Application:

  1. Log in to your CP1 mobile app.

  2. Go to the Manage Cards page.

  3. Tap on an employee card to access its details.

  4. In the “Manage PIN” section:

    • Tap to enter the PIN management area.

      • Note—if the user does not have card editing permissions, they will not be able to do this.

    • Use the “Generate” button to create a new PIN or input one manually.

    • Confirm by selecting "Save".

Ordering 1x1 Card

Incorporating the security of 1x1 PINs with the personalized convenience of employee cards ensures each transaction is securely authenticated. When you need to issue a new employee card with a unique 1x1 PIN, the process is straightforward but requires attention to detail to ensure proper setup. Here's how to order a new card with a 1x1 PIN, a task that is currently supported exclusively via the desktop application for enhanced security and functionality.

  1. Log In:

    • Begin by logging into your CP1 account to access the dashboard.

  2. Manage Cards:

    • Navigate to the Manage Cards page where you can oversee all card-related actions.

  3. Order New Card:

    • Click on the “Order New Card” button to initiate the process for issuing a new card.

  4. Select Card Type:

    • Choose “Physical Card” as the card type to proceed with a tangible card that can be used at physical locations.

  5. Choose Employee Card:

    • Specify that you are ordering an “Employee Card” to ensure the card is personalized for individual use.

  6. Apply Settings or Templates:

    • At this stage, you can apply predefined settings or templates to the card. This includes spend limits, allowed transaction types, and more.

    • Importantly, here you will find the option to add a PIN to the card, which is available when the correct employee profile is associated with the account. This is where you’ll set up the 1x1 PIN.

  7. Complete the Order:

    • Continue with the order process as usual, filling in any additional required information and reviewing the order before final submission.

Why 1x1 PINs?

1x1 PINs provide an additional layer of security for transactions, ensuring that only the designated employee can use the card for authorized purchases. This setup mitigates risks associated with lost or stolen cards and unauthorized use, thereby enhancing control over company expenses.

By integrating 1x1 PINs with employee cards, organizations can achieve a balance between operational flexibility and stringent security measures, ensuring that each transaction is both authenticated and recorded accurately.

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