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What is Send & Scan?

Here's how you can use Send & Scan to submit and receive documents via email.

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Send & Scan is a unique email address to which your team, your clients and your vendors can send bills, receipts, and credit notes for direct submission to your Corpay One account.

When an email with a valid attachment (PDF, JPG and PNG) is sent to your Send & Scan address, Corpay One will process the attachment as if you had uploaded the same file directly in Corpay One.

Your company has two Send & Scan addresses: one for invoices and credit notes ([yourcompanyname], and one for receipts ([ The prefix, which comes before @, is the same for both addresses. 

You can view your company's Send & Scan addresses by navigating to Settings > Send & Scan. There you can also choose to require that all emails sent to your Send & Scan addresses are automatically forwarded to another email address of your choice.

When will an image in an email be processed?

We have implemented a number of restrictions to make sure that email signatures in emails sent by you, your coworkers or your vendors are not processed as documents:

  1. If an image (JPG or PNG) is smaller than 70kb and included directly in the email body, it will not be processed. To have such an image processed it must be attached to the email.

  2. If an image attachment (JPG or PNG) is smaller than 120 pixels in its smallest dimension and smaller than 5kb in its size, it will not be processed. You will still be able to find any skipped attachments in the Emails tab in Bill Pay.

What if my document is in the body of an email? 

Then check out this article that explains how to deal with emails in Corpay One. 

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