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How to handle emails in Corpay One
How to handle emails in Corpay One

Emails sent to your company's Send & Scan end up in the Emails section. This guide will help you understand how Corpay One processes emails.

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If you have given vendors your company's Send & Scan address for invoices and receipts, you may find that vendors sometimes include more information and/or attachments in their emails. This is information you may want to organize and associate with that vendor. Now, the Emails section handles that for you.

How does Corpay One receive my emails?

When you, a coworker or a vendor sends an email to your company's Send & Scan address, the email can be found in your company's Bill Pay section. You will then be able to view the email in the Emails tab:

  • Corpay One handles emails sent to both of your company's Send & Scan address ( for bills and for receipts).

What happens when Corpay One receives an email?

First, the email can be found in the Emails tab. You can view the original email text, subject, sender, date, and any attachments. You can also view the text that Corpay One extracts from the email in the Processed tab:

If the email contains one or more attachments, Corpay One will attempt to verify that they are a supported document type. If that is the case, the attachment will be analyzed as that document type and be stored in the Pending tab or the Unpaid tab depending on your company's Workflow settings.

If the email does not contain any attachment but it is an embedded financial document, you can manually convert the email itself to a supported document type. An example of this would be a receipt from a software company where the line items and total amount paid are included in body of the email, rather than in an attachment.

  • If the email does contain an attachment, but wasn't sent in one of Corpay One's supported document types (in this case, the email will be labelled Invalid), you also have the option to manually convert the attachment to a supported document type outside of Corpay One. We'll go into this more later in the article.

Converting an email to a document

1. First, find the email you wish to convert in the Emails tab, and open the Original email tab. Then, click the picture of the original email in the right side:

2. You must now choose to which document type you want to convert the email to by clicking Convert and then selecting the document type.

3. The email will now be analyzed by Corpay One as the document type you selected.

How to convert an invalid attachment to a valid attachment

If you have received an email with an attachment, Corpay One will mark the attachment as invalid if it's not a supported file type (JPG, PNG or PDF). If the attachment is a supported file type, but contains errors, is password-protected, etc., Corpay One will also mark it as invalid.

In these cases, your only option is for you to download the attachment, convert them somewhere outside of Corpay One, and then submit the converted file to Corpay One.

1. To download the attachment, first click the desired attachment:

2. Click Download. You are now free to choose how you want to convert the file before submitting the converted file to Corpay One again.

  • You can also click the Mark ignored button if you do not wish to do more about the attachment. You will always be able to download the attachment at a later time.

What else can I do with emails in Corpay One?


You can archive emails to remove them from your view by clicking the Archive button to the right of the email you wish to archive:

To view all archived emails, simply use the following filter in the Emails tab:

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