How to lock a document

You can lock a document to prevent other employees from changing the document's data.

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Click the three dots on the document you want to lock and select Lock document from the menu:

Locking of documents

When locking a document, you have several options for how you want to handle the document. You can temporarily disable the option for automatic and manual payment by checking the box "Deactivate payment", and disable the option for the document to be approved by checking the box "Deactivate approval".

The disabled actions will only be in effect as long as the document is in locked state.
In addition, you can also attach a note explaining why the document is locked, or other information that your coworkers should be aware of. This note will be displayed when an employee tries to unlock the document again.
As long as the document is locked, you and other employees will not be able to change its data, such as category, department and amount.

Editing a locked document

If you want to edit the lock itself on the document, you can press Remove lock option on the document and select Edit, and change lock settings, after which you can save the changes by pressing Update.

Any changes or activities on a locked document will be saved in the activity tab of the document.

Remove lock from document

To open a locked document again, you or another administrator in the company must click the three dots again and select Remove lock from document and then select Unlock.

Filters on documents that are locked

You can search for documents with locked states by choosing the criteria "Lock", and choosing which state you'd like to search for:

πŸ’‘ FYI! Locked documents are marked with a πŸ”’ icon!

Further reading

Want to lock documents automatically? Use the Lock Document action in workflow.

Want to enable another coworker to lock documents? Make them an administrator.

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