Visibility of custom lists

Define which custom lists should appear on which document types in Corpay One.

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Lists allow you add key information to your expenses to better organize them. You can either create lists manually, or import them from your accounting software, such as your chart of accounts. Corpay One lets you define which lists are visible in which document types via each list's settings.

How to set list visibility of custom lists

  1. Navigate to Settings > Lists, click on the custom list for which you want to change the visibility, and the go to the Visibility tab.

  2. Select on which document types you want to show the list.

Example: As shown in the image above, the list "Payment methods - receipts" has been limited to be shown on receipts:

How to set list visibility of categories

If you're looking to change the visibility of the "Categories" lists, simply follow the guide above, but instead of going to the Visibility tab, simply clik the πŸ‘ icon next to the category you want to hide (or mark all the categories you wish to hide, and click on Hide selected).

πŸ’‘ Pro tip! Per default, no categories are shown on reimbursements and therefore can't be selected. If you want your coworkers to be able to see one or more categories on their reimbursements, check the box next to those categories, and then click Show for reimbursements.

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