What are lists?

The article gives an overview of the Lists feature - what they are, the most common examples, and how to create them in 3 ways.

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What are lists?

Lists are Corpay One's simple way of letting you categorize your expenses. Each list is made up of labels that in some way characterize, or "tag" your bills in a desired way. After you a create a list and select its visibility settings, it will appear as a drop-down menu on each of the expense types you've specified.

Lists are customizable, and you can create an unlimited number of them. However there's one type of list that's always present: Categories, which is Corpay One's term for your chart of accounts.

Common examples of lists

Categories (Accounts)

Categories is the term Corpay One uses for your chart of accounts. There will be some default categories in this list when you first sign up for Corpay One, but they'll be overwritten by your actual chart of accounts as soon as you run an integration with your accounting software. 

Payment sources for receipts

Since receipts are already-paid expenses, no payment occurs for these documents in Corpay One, and therefore no payment sources is automatically recorded. So if you want to indicate which payment source was used for a given receipt, you'll need to create a list of all the payment accounts, which you can then make visible only on receipts. Read more about this process here.  

How to create a list

Here are three ways to create a list in Corpay One:

Import from your accounting software

When setting up an integration between Corpay One and your accounting software, you'll have the option to import your chart of accounts. You may also have the option to import other lists such as payment accounts or classes (QuickBooks). 

Your chart of accounts will automatically populate under Lists > Categories. Other imported lists from your accounting software will appear on the Lists page, and will indicate in their title that they were imported. 

Manually add a list 

  1. Navigate to the Lists page from the left sidebar.

  2. Click create new, and name your list. 

  3. Manually create each label for your list by entering it in the "Name" field and clicking add

Import a list from Excel

  1. Create and save a CSV file listing all the labels you'd like to include in your list.

  2. Navigate to the Lists page from the left sidebar.

  3. Click create new and name your list. 

  4. Click import and select the saved CSV file from step 1. 

  5. Your imported list will appear. 

Note: List contents can be edited or deleted using the small pencil or trash can icons next to each label, respectively.

Learn how to make certain lists visible on specific document types here

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