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Splitting an expense into line items
Splitting an expense into line items

Here's how you can split up one expense's total value into lines, and assign each line item its own category and more.

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After you've submitted a document to Corpay One, you can easily select to split the document into line items. Each of the line items can have its own category, department or other unique characteristic customized by you, based on the lists you've created or imported

Note: If your categories list (aka chart of accounts) was imported from your accounting software through an integration, the category assigned to each line item will sync to your ERP accordingly. 

How to split an expense into line items

1. First, select the financial document that you wish to split from your Bill Pay page in Corpay One, and then click the three dots in the upper right corner of the document. Click Split amount from the dropdown menu: 

2. A new window will pop out on the right-hand side that shows new line fields. You can now enter a part of the total amount in each line using the fields provided, and assign a category or note for each of these new line items. If you have created custom lists, you will be able to also select from them here.

  • You can add as many lines as you wish by clicking the purple +. You can delete a line by clicking the trashcan icon to the right of the line.

At the bottom of the split window, three fields are displayed:

  • Balance: This is the remaining amount that you still need to split. You can only save the split when the field has turned from red to green, meaning the line items add up to the full expense amount.

  • Split: This is the sum of the amounts you have entered so far. 

  • Expense: This is the original total amount of the document. Please note that even if you have changed the amount of a document at an earlier time, you will still need to split the original full amount.

3. Once you have created all the desired line items, click Save. Back on the overview for this expense, the split line items and their accompanying amounts, categories, etc. will now be visible. 

  • You can always edit or add lines by clicking the tiny pencil icon next to the Amount split header just above the lines:

Will the details in my line items sync to my accounting software?

If the list that appears in the expense as a drop-down menu was imported from your accounting software, then it will sync. 

For example, most Corpay One customers' Categories list is imported from their accounting software's chart of accounts. Therefore when you when you split a bill into line items and assign a category to each line, this information will sync to your ERP, reflecting the correct account for that line item.

If the list that appears in the expense is a custom list that you created manually, then it will not sync with your accounting software. 

  • Learn more about how lists work here

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