How do I track a payment?

Wondering about the status of a payment to a vendor? Here's how the "Track Payment" feature works.

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One of our goals at Corpay One is to make your bill pay process as stress-free, low-touch and transparent as possible. If you're wondering about the status of a payment, we've introduced a nifty "Track Payment" feature that will give you a sense of where the bill is in the payment flow, which you can then easily communicate to your vendor.

Here's how it works

On each bill you plan on paying in Corpay One, you can access the Track Payment feature by navigating to the bill and clicking on the Payment tab. The button will appear on the bottom left-side of the bill. 

After clicking Track Payment, you'll be able to see that your bill is in one of three stages outlined here:

Payment Initiated

Payment initiated means the bill payment has been initialized, and Corpay One is in the stage of collecting funds from your company's bank account. 


Processing means Corpay One has successfully withdrawn the funds from your account and initiated the process of transmitting them to your vendor. Here's what it means for each payment type: 

  • Direct Pay: The Virtual Credit Card (VCC) email has been sent to your vendor containing the amount owed. 

  • ACH: Corpay One has initiated the electronic transfer of funds from our account to your vendor's. 

  • Check: The check is being printed and mailed via USPS mail. 

Payment Delivered

Payment delivered means the funds have been successfully collected / received by the vendor. Here's what it means for each payment type:

  • Direct Pay: The one-time-use VCC has been used, meaning the vendor has processed the credit card payment and collected the funds.

  • ACH: The funds have been successfully transferred into the vendor's account. 

  • Check: The check is has been cashed / deposited by the vendor. *Important: the payment will still appear as "processing" even if the check has been delivered. It will only change to Paid after being cashed / deposited

Sharing Payment Tracking with a vendor

At any point during a bill's payment flow, you can copy the link at the bottom of the tracking screen and share with your vendor: 

  • Learn more about how paying your vendors works here

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