Corpay One's payment infrastructure is the best in class and comparable to top TPPs (Third Party Payments providers) in terms of speed of delivery as well as ensured delivery. With Silicon Valley Bank playing under the hood, Corpay One is able to ensure all payments are verified, protected against fraud and aligned with the industry's highest levels of compliance.

Which payment methods does Corpay One support?

  • Direct Pay: Real-time Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) emailed to vendors. 

  • ACH: Electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House network.

  • Check: Physical checks printed and mailed via USPS first class mail.

  • International wire: Secure, international wires for cross-border payments. 

How do I specify which payment method to use for each vendor?

Under each vendor's detail page accessed via the Bill Pay > Vendors page. Here's a detailed explanation of how to select a vendor's default payment method.

How long does it take Corpay One to deliver the payment to the vendor?

If both Payments and Autopay are enabled, Corpay One will initialize your bill payment up to 7 banking days in advance of the due date, depending on the settings you've selected in Settings > Advanced > Payments. You may also initialize payment manually by hitting the Pay Now button on an unpaid bill.

Important details to note about processing times

  • If this is one of your FIRST payments in Corpay One, please note that processing times may take an additional few days. This is due to banks' security measures around new connections being established. 

  • If you click Pay Now to initialize a bill after 2:30pm PST on a given day, the processing will begin the next business day. 

  • Official bank holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, etc.) are excluded from the processing time estimates below. 

Direct Pay

  • Processing time after bill is initialized: 0-1 banking days

  • Summary: Virtual Credit Card (VCC) containing the exact amount owed will be emailed to your vendor. The vendor will process the payment as a credit card payment via their payment processor. 

  • Cost: Free

  • Learn more about Direct Pay here, or pass this article along to your vendors so they can opt in. 

ACH Payments

  • Processing time after bill is initialized: 3-5 banking days 

  • Summary: Funds will appear in the vendor's account via electronic bank transfer. 

  • Cost: $0.50 per transfer

Check Payments

  • Processing time after bill is initialized: 5-7 banking days

  • Summary: A check will be mailed to the vendor via USPS Priority mail. The check payment in Corpay One will only show "Paid" once the check has been cashed / deposited. 

  • Cost: $1.15 per check

International wire

  • Processing time after bill is initialized: 3-5 days banking days

  • Summary: This processes similar to an ACH electronic payment, we just also require SWIFT, IBAN and receiving bank address in order to process these payments. 

  • Cost: $9.50 per payment

Can I stop a payment in Corpay One?

For both ACH and Check payments, if the payment was initialized less than an hour ago, you can cancel it from the Corpay One web app. If it's been more than an hour since the payment was initialized, please contact us at

For Direct Pay, if the customer has not yet redeemed the VCC amount, we can still cancel and refund the payment.

Can I void a check that was sent?

Yes. Please reach out to Corpay One's support via chat or email ASAP to make sure the check is voided before it's cashed. Please note that a fee may apply for voiding a check.

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