If you've opted to pay your bills through Corpay One, you'll notice we offer a couple of different options for completing vendor payments, one of which is called Direct Pay. Whereas check and ACH payments incur a fee and take multiple days to process, Direct Pay is both free, and almost instantaneous.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Your vendor must opt in to Direct Pay. They can do this by reaching out to Corpay One at support@corpayone.com.
  2. The vendor's default payment method in the Vendors page will show that Direct Pay is now active (see the screenshot above).
  3. After the vendor's next bill payment is initialized in Corpay One, they'll receive an email containing a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) for the exact amount they are owed. 
  4. The vendor will instantaneously collect the funds using whichever credit card processor they already use to accept credit card payments. 

A few important details to keep in mind: 

  • In order for a vendor to take advantage of Direct Pay, they must be able to accept credit card payments with a credit card payment terminal (think POS systems like Square, Wave, Venmo for Business, Stripe)
  • While this option is free for Corpay One customers, the vendor would be subject to any credit card fees according to their existing credit card processor. 
  • While Direct Pay provides instantaneous payment from Corpay One to your vendor, the process of transferring funds from your account to Corpay One remains the same (which for most established customers is same-day). Therefore it can take up to a day for the customer to receive their VCC after payment is first initialized. 

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