Advisor dashboard staff roles explained

This article provides an overview of the roles and permissions of the various staff members in your Advisor Dashboard.

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FYI: This article only contains details that are relevant to Advisor accounts in Corpay One. As such, the contents of the article do not apply to non-Advisor accounts.

From your Advisor Dashboard, you can easily assign your staff members various roles that grant them exactly the client access they need.  Here we'll explain how to assign roles, and provide an overview of what the different roles and permissions mean. 

How to assign a role to one of your staff members

You can choose or change a staff member's role at any time - either when you add them to your advisor account, or later. Access a staff member's settings by clicking on their name in the Staff page (you'll also see these settings after clicking Add Staff). 

Select the staff member's role using the drop-down menu under What level of permissions should this staff member have.

Permissions of the various staff member roles

You can choose between four different roles for your staff members:


  • Can add or remove clients. 

  • Can access all clients.

  • Can great parent groups and subgroups.

  • Can assign groups to staff members (which gives them access to client accounts - read more here).

  • Can add or remove other administrators, managers and staff members. 

  • Can add or delete anything from the Advisor Dashboard. 

  • Can access and manage billing. 


  • Can add or remove staff members. 

  • Can add clients. 

  • Can add subgroups under parent groups of which they themselves are a part. 


  • Can add clients. 

  • Can access clients assigned to groups of which they themselves are a part.

Restricted Staff

  • Can access clients assigned to groups of which they themselves are a part.

Read more about giving staff access to clients here.

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