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For employees: How to get reimbursed (on smartphone)
For employees: How to get reimbursed (on smartphone)

Register your expenses and get reimbursed quickly and easily with our smartphone app. Find an in-depth guide at the bottom of the article.

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πŸ’‘ In order to be able to use Reimbursemtns on Corpay One's mobile app, you must first have added your bank account information under My Profile > Reimbursement Account in Corpay One's web app.

1. Click on Reimbursements in the side menu:

2. Click on Create A New Expense Report (or click on an existing expense report):

3. Give the expense report a fitting name, and click Create Report to continue:

4. Click on the camera icon to take a picture of the expense you'd like to submit (or select a picture from your phone):

  • You can also submit a receipt as a reimbursement directly from the starting page of the app.

5. Feel free to select a category and other details for the receipt, and click on Done to have Corpay One analyze the receipt:

6. When you wish to get reimbursed for the expense(s) in a report, click on Submit Report:

7. Confirm one final time by clicking on Submit Expense Report:

8. Click on OK:

9. When the report has been approved by the appropriate co-workers, the payment will be initiated the same day or the next business day:

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