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Using Corpay One for reimbursements
Using Corpay One for reimbursements

You can manage and pay all employee expense reimbursements directly from Corpay One. Here's how it works.

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What are reimbursements?

When an employee pays a work-related expense of their own pocket - i.e. for a meal on a work trip or for office supplies - getting them reimbursed can be a headache of paper receipts and manual approvals. This is where Corpay Ones's reimbursements features comes to the rescue.

How do reimbursements work in Corpay One?

Co-workers can easily create and manage expense reports, add receipts for their expenses, as well as submit them for reimbursement - all by navigating to Tools > Reimbursements in Corpay One.

The co-worker can then submit the expense report they've created, and it will generate an invoice in the company's Bill Pay page. The invoice behaves like any other invoice submitted to Corpay One - it can trigger workflows, as well as be approved and paid just like any other invoice, as if the co-worker were a vendor*.

  • When a co-worker submits an expense report, that co-worker will be created as a vendor in Bill Pay > Vendors.

Each receipt included in a co-worker's expense report will appear as a line on the final invoice in the company's Bill Pay page with a corresponding amount and category. Similarly, an entry will be created for each line in the company's ERP. Here, in addition, a combined payment entry will be created when the expense report has been paid.

  • πŸ’‘ The invoice generated from an expense report will automatically have a due date equal to the date the employee submits the report!

How to add reimbursement expenses in Corpay One

In Corpay One's web app:

1. Navigate to Tools > Reimbursements in the left-side menu. The first time you click here, you'll be asked to enter your bank information, which is the account to which your company will deposit your reimbursements via ACH.

2. Going back to Tools > Reimbursements, you must now create an expense report by clicking on Create New Expense Report:

You can have as many expense reports active as you want. For example, if you have a number of receipts related to customer meetings during a certain period, as well as an ongoing report related to purchasing office supplies.

You will also be asked to give the expense report a name. Click Create to continue:

3. Now you'll be inside the expense report (which can also be found together with all other expense reports in Tools > Reimbursements). Add a receipt for your expense to the report by clicking Add a Receipt:

  • An expense report can either be open or closed depending on whether it has been submitted or not. The label at the top right indicates whether the report is open or closed.

  • From the Properties tab, you can choose to close the expense report when it's been submitted. If you don't choose this, the expense report will remain open even after you submit it, and you'll be able to keep adding more receipts and submitting the report ad libitum.

4. You'll now be prompted to upload a copy of your receipt from your computer. Once you've found it and added it to the report, it will be analyzed by Corpay One like any other document and will soon appear in the expense report area (similar to a receipt in the Bill Pay page). You'll have the option to select a category and department, add a note and change the payment amount analyzed off of the receipt:

  • By clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the receipt, you'll get the options to split the amount into multiple line items, move the receipt to Bill Pay (i.e. convert it to a regular, non-reimbursement receipt) or delete it altogether.

  • Admins can choose whether or not co-worker expenses must have categories selected before a report can be submitted. This can be selected under Settings > Tools > Reimbursements.

5. As soon as you're ready to be reimbursed for the expense(s) in your expense report, click Submit Expense Report in the top of the page:

This will open a window that shows an overview of the report's contents. Here you can choose to add a note to the invoice generated for the company. Click Submit Expense Report once again to continue and to have the invoice generated in the company's Bill Pay page:

6. You will now see a confirmation that the expense report has been submitted:

Soon after, the expense report will be visible as an invoice in the company's Bill Pay page, where it will await approval based on the company's workflows. The due date of the invoice will automatically be set to the date the expense report was submitted:

  • Get a full overview of the various expense report settings here.

Reimbursements from Corpay One's mobile app:

  • πŸ’‘ In order to be able to use Reimbursemtns on Corpay One's mobile app, you must first have added your bank account information under My Profile > Reimbursement Account in Corpay One's web app.

1. Open the side menu, and click Reimbursements:

2. You will now be taken to the overview of your expense reports (this page will be blank if you haven't yet created any expense reports). Click Create A New Expense Report to create a new report, or select an existing expense report to add your receipt to:

3. You'll be prompted to enter a name for the expense report and select if the report should be running. If you select Running report, the report will remain open even after you submit it. Otherwise, the report will automatically close once you submit it.
Click Create Report to continue:

4. You will now be taken to the expense report where you can add new receipts and view existing receipts.

Click the camera icon to add a receipt. This will open the camera on your phone so you can quickly take a picture of the receipt for the expense:

5. Once you've taken a photo of the receipt, you'll be prompted to select a category for it and any other sorts of categorization. You will then be forwarded to the expense report while the receipt is being analyzed by Corpay One. Click Done to continue:

  • Only in Corpay One's web app: Administrators in Corpay One can choose whether or not coworker expenses must have categories selected before a report can be submitted. This can be selected under Settings > Tools > Reimbursements.

6. You can now view the expense in the expense report and freely add as many expenses as you wish by clicking the camera icon. When you want to submit the report for reimbursement/payment, click Submit Report in the upper right corner:

7. You must now confirm the submission of the report. At the same time, you will see an overview of the receipts in the report and its total amount. You can also add a note to the report, which will appear on the final invoice in your company's Bill Pay page.
Click Submit Expense Report to complete the submission:

8. You will now see a message that finally confirms that the report has been submitted and that it will be paid to your bank account once it is approved in the company's Bill Pay page. Click OK to continue:

  • If you want to access submitted / closed reports and make other settings for your reports, you must visit the Tools > Reimbursements page via the Corpay One web app.

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