How to add a payment card for paying bills

You can easily add payment sources to your company in Corpay One. Learn how in this article.

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We've made it easy to link your bank account or payment card, so you can do so without ever leaving Corpay One's web app. All you need is the card details and billing information.


  • Before you're able to add a payment source, you'll need to complete your ID verification under My Profile > Verifications.

  • Works for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. American Express is not supported at this time.

  • Debit cards can be added and are FREE!

  • You will see two transactions on your credit card statement for all bills paid with a credit card:

    • a vendor invoice amount

    • 2.9% fee

Payment Card

Here's how to add a card as a payment source:

1. Navigate to Bill Pay > Payment Sources, and click on the Add Payment Source button in the upper right corner:

2. Click on Credit Card:

3. You will now be asked to enter the address associated with this card. Please enter the address details, and hit Next:

4. You will now be prompted with the card details screen. Please enter the card details, and click Use Card to continue:

5. You will now see the card added as a payment source on your account:

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