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Manually Setup Corpay One for Export/Import into QuickBooks Desktop
Manually Setup Corpay One for Export/Import into QuickBooks Desktop

Set up your Corpay One instance to best support you in exporting data for import into QuickBooks Desktop

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For more information on the document file export, please see the linked article.

If you are planning to utilize the Document File Export to sync data between Corpay One and QuickBooks Desktop, follow these best practices for the smoothest experience.

Details added to Corpay One need to match EXACTLY with how they are entered into QuickBooks desktop. Any variations can result in duplicates.

Table of Contents

Vendor Bulk Upload

Currently, to access this feature, you will need to contact our support team to have them enable it for your account. Once enabled, the Bulk Import Tool will allow you to import vendor details AND payment details!

The support team will provide you with a CSV template which will enable you to easily map critical fields and import them into Corpay One.

To complete the upload:

  1. Complete CSV file with vendor information

  2. On the vendor page go to add vendor and a drop down appears to select by CSV file

  3. Upload CSV file

  4. The mapping screen will appear - make sure each field name is mapped to the correct CSV header name

  5. Import vendors

Create Lists

You can use the Custom List feature to import lists with a CSV file. To ensure your data matches exactly to your QuickBooks desktop:

  1. Export Lists from QuickBooks desktop

  2. Verify the CSV format for import into Corpay One

  3. Ensure that the name of the list MATCHES the table below Comment end

  4. Upload the list using the instructions here

The IIF file format is a specific format for QuickBooks. In order for Corpay One to successfully create the file, Lists must be named in the following format:

Corpay One List Name

QuickBooks Field

Payment Accounts

Bank Account





Note: The QuickBooks IIF file will automatically check the “Is Billable” field when a customer is associated with a document.

* Supported Lists include: Categories, Payment Accounts, Class, and Customer/Project

Set Required Field Defaults with Workflows

There are some fields that QuickBooks desktop requires for every document. Without them, the import will result in an error.

  • QuickBooks requires a Category on every document

  • QuickBooks requires a Payment Account on every Bill

While these fields are not “required” in Corpay One, you will want to set up a workflow to ensure that default values are set for both category and payment account. See here on how to create new workflows.

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