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QuickBooks Desktop Integration Troubleshooting
QuickBooks Desktop Integration Troubleshooting

Tips for a successful integration from Corpay One to QuickBooks Desktop

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For the Integration set up see the help article: QuickBooks Desktop integration with Corpay One.

Integrating with a desktop application like QuickBooks desktop comes with some specific requirements. To ensure you have the best experience possible the following conditions must be met:

  1. QuickBooks desktop must be on and open when working in Corpay One - Corpay One triggers integration events immediately and will attempt to re-sync hourly over 5 days, if the desktop application is not open, these attempts will fail.

  2. QuickBooks desktop’s Web Connector must be connected - The Web Connector should disconnect and reconnect each time you connect or disconnect from the internet. If it fails to connect, any attempt to sync from Corpay One will fail.

  3. QuickBooks desktop should be set up for Single User Mode - Intuit states that it is best practice when using integrations.

  4. Hosted environments must confirm connection to Corpay One can pass through - Hosted environments vary in how they are set up and could have strict firewalls. It is strongly encouraged that you contact your hosting provider prior to integrating with Corpay One.

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Document Sync Statuses

In order for the integration between Corpay One and QuickBooks to work, the QuickBooks desktop application and company file must be open and running.

QuickBooks recommends that the application be placed in Single User mode when integrating with outside applications. To switch between modes, go to the QuickBooks File menu, then select Switch to Single-user Mode/Switch to Multi-user Mode.

Corpay One will log the integration status on the Integration tab of the document.

The following statues can provide additional information:


Success indicates that the synchronization was successful with QuickBooks desktop.


Pending indicates that Corpay One has been trying to reach QuickBooks desktop, but QuickBooks desktop has not successfully responded. Corpay One will attempt to sync the document every hour over 5 days.

When the pending status is showing, either keep QuickBooks open and active for the next hour for the system to automatically retry to sync or click the resync button on the document’s Integrations tab.


Failure indicates either:

  • QuickBooks desktop failed to respond to Corpay One’s request to sync and will appear after 5 days of hourly attempts to sync.

  • Or that Corpay One has run into an issue (the error message will describe the issue)

To resync the document go to the Integration tab and click the re-sync button.

QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector

The Intuit Web Connector will disconnect when QuickBooks Desktop is disconnected from the internet. Per Intuit, it is expected to reconnect upon reconnecting to the internet.

Sometimes the Web Connector does not automatically reconnect. A best practice is to confirm that the Web Connector is connected prior to working in Corpay One. Otherwise the integration will not work.

To verify the Web Connector is connected go to the QuickBooks Desktop application:

  1. Go to File

  2. Go to App Management

  3. Go to Manage Web Apps

In Manage Web Apps:

  1. Go to the Connected Apps tab

  2. Search for the Corpay One app

  3. Look at the Connection Status

If the connection status says Connection Lost, the Integration needs to be reconnected:

  1. On the Corpay One line, go to Action

  2. Click the drop down next to Select

  3. Click Reconnect

If you have verified that the Corpay One integration is active in the Web Connector and are still receiving sync failures, it is best to disconnect the integration and then reconnect. Complete the steps below to fully disconnect Corpay One and then follow the instructions in the following article to reconnect: QuickBooks Desktop integration with Corpay One.

In QuickBooks Desktop navigate to Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications

With a check next to Corpay One, click Remove, Click OK and Save the changes

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Navigate to File > App Management > Manage Web Apps

In the Web App Click View App

Login Into Corpay One Integration Application and click Disconnect

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Hosted QuickBooks Desktop Installs

Hosted environments may have firewalls or other specific setups that could prevent the seamless integration with Corpay One.

A best practice is to speak to the network administrator that manages the server to confirm that there are no barriers for QuickBooks Desktop to connect with external applications.

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