Vendor Payment Methods

Learn about the available payment methods for Vendors in Corpay One.

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When adding a Vendor to your company in Corpay One, you have a number of options to choose from for how to pay your vendor. Read below to learn more about each of the options available.

Domestic Payments


2-3 Business days

Pay your vendor by ACH. You’ll need their beneficiary name, routing number, and account number.


5-7 Business days

Send a paper check to your vendor by mail. Delivery time may vary depending on USPS.

Virtual Credit Card

0-1 Business days

If your vendor can process credit cards, sending them a virtual card is the quickest way to pay. We’ll email them their virtual card within 1 day - including weekends and holidays!

International Payments


4-10 Business days

If your vendor prefers to receive funds in their local currency you can choose this option. We’ll debit you for the USD equivalent and deliver funds to your vendor in their currency (e.g. EUR, GBP, CNY, etc.)


7*-10 Business days*

Choose this option if your vendor wants to receive funds to an international bank account in USD. *Note if their bank account is in a foreign currency, their bank may convert USD to the foreign currency at their own rate.


Ask Vendor

Don’t have your vendor’s payment information? Select this option when adding your vendor to send them an email request. They’ll be able to select any of the domestic payment option - ACH, Check, & Virtual Credit Card - and enter their details to receive payment.

Document Management

Don’t plan to pay this vendor through Corpay One? Use Document Management to indicate this so your documents don’t have reminders

Add Payment Details Later

If you have your vendor’s payment details but can’t find them in the moment, use this option to save the vendor and return to add payment details later. We’ll place a reminder for you to to add their payment details on any bills you add for this vendor.

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