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Advanced Setting: Enforce 2FA login for coworkers
Advanced Setting: Enforce 2FA login for coworkers

In this article, you can learn how to require your coworkers to use 2FA to log in with.

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The setting's functionalities

With the "Require 2FA for employees" feature, you, as the Owner role of a company, have the option of requiring your coworkers to use 2FA when logging in to Corpay One.

However, please note that if you enable this for your company, all users will be forced to use 2FA at login and cannot access the application again until they have set it up for their individual users.

In addition, it will also be a setting that works across all the affiliated teams for a user. So if you switch this on for your employees, it will also take effect across the other companies that the users are associated with.

If you want to read more about 2FA, you can read our article on the subject here, as well as our article on how to activate it on your own user here.

How do I activate it for my company's employees?

As the Owner role on your company, navigate to the Settings tab and select the Advanced sub-tab.

Here, under the general tab, you will be able to activate the setting for your company and your coworkers.

After that, 2FA will be required for your coworkers, and they will be prompted to set it up and enable it the next time they try to log into Corpay.

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