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Handling Reimbursements in Foreign Currency
Handling Reimbursements in Foreign Currency

How to handle your reimbursements in foreign currency, automatically!

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If you have reimbursements in a currency other than USD, you can still handle them in Corpay One - we'll will read and convert the reimbursement's currency and amount for you automatically.

How does it work?

When uploading reimbursements in foreign currency, Corpay One will automatically read the attachment's information just like with reimbursements in USD, but Corpay One automatically converts the foreign currency of the attachment into USD based on the exchange rate that was in effect on the date you made the purchase.

After this, you'll need to accept the conversion rate on the reimbursement by marking the attention as read before you can submit the report. If you disagree with the conversion rate, you can always edit the reimbursement's information as usual before you submit the report.

If you want to read more generally about the reimbursement feature, you can read more about it here:


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