Pay lets you to use Corpay One to pay your bills for you - always on time, and always securely.

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Pay enables you to use Corpay One to pay your company's bills in a way that's easy, fast and secure. Instead of having to pay your bills individually, Corpay One takes care of them all from one place, in a fraction of the time, and even keeps your books up to date in the process. And it all happens straight from your company's own bank account.

Pay ensures that once approved, all your company's bills added to Corpay One are automatically paid by the due date stated on the bill.

In addition to the core functionality of Pay, you have a range of extra options to help you customize Corpay One to suit your company's payments needs. For instance, you can disable automatic payments (this setting is enabled by default) to ensure that all bills require an extra click before any payment is initiated, you can change the due date or amount of a bill, you can choose to always initiate payments a number of days in advance, and much more. 

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