Note: In March, 2021, Roger officially changed its name to Corpay One. Our features and functionality have not changed. To learn more and understand the change, read more.

Bill Pay is where Roger reads and analyzes data from every financial document you add to your account. It is also the main area of your company's Roger account that you are automatically sent to each time you log into Roger:

Emails sent to your company's RogerAddress ends up in Bill Pay in the Emails tab (read more about handling emails in this article). If Roger detects one or more valid email attachments, they will be analyzed and added to the Inbox tab where they will require the approval of one or more coworkers before they can be processed further.

Roger can read the following information from your documents:

  • Vendor information such as name and address.
  • Payment information such as ACH instructions, payment due date, and amount.
  • Invoice/bill number, expense date, currency and more.
  • Individual keywords that you have predefined in Workflow.

This information is made visible to you on each document in Bill Pay and can also serve as triggers for one or more automatic actions that you can set up with Workflow. 

💡 FYI! Roger has manual monitoring of all documents that are submitted. If an error or doubt is encountered while analyzing a document, there will always be a set of human eyes to handle the situation and contact you if necessary. 

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