How do I add documents?

Corpay One automates the process of receipt scanning and uploading bills to help kickstart your accounts payable and accounting processes.

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You can add bills, receipts, and credit notes to Corpay One in 3 ways:

1. Take a picture of your document with the Corpay One mobile app

Take a picture of the document (bill, receipt, or credit note) with the Corpay One mobile app for iOS or Android. The document will be scanned and visible in your account within minutes. If it's a bill, then after approval, Corpay One will proceed to pay it on the stated due date with the specified payment source added to your account. As with any bill, you can of course change the payment details in Corpay One any time before it's been sent for payment.

2. Email your documents to your team's unique Send & Scan address

Forward documents yourself, or ask your vendors to send their documents as PDF, JPG or PNG file-attachments directly to your company's unique Send & Scan address, which is automatically created when you sign up for Corpay One. Documents submitted this way will be scanned and appear on your dashboard, the same way as with all your documents.

  • Your company has two Send & Scan addresses: one for invoices and credit notes ending in and one for receipts ending in

3. Add your documents through Corpay One's web platform

Add a document as a PDF, JPG or PNG file through Corpay One's web app by clicking Add document on the page Bill Pay (the first page you see when you are logged in). You can upload your document by either selecting it from a folder on your computer, or dragging and dropping the file onto the page in your browser.

  • Learn how to connect your bank account to start paying your bills through Corpay One in this article.

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