How to manually create a bill

If you're missing a bill for an expense, or if a bill is not readable by Corpay One, you can create it yourself.

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Sometimes, your company may have expenses that are lacking an actual bill or are not recognizable by Corpay One. Luckily, it's easy to manually create a bill in Corpay One.

How do I create a bill?

1. Navigate to Bill Payments, and click Add Bill in the upper right corner:

2. This takes you to the bill uploader. Here, you can upload bills directly from your computer, or you can manually create a bill by clicking Enter your bill details manually:

3. This opens the manual bill creator. Here, you must define a number of details for the bill:

  • Amount: Here you must enter the amount you want for the bill. You can select the bill's currency in the box to the right of the amount box.

  • Invoice number: Here you must the enter the invoice number or ID you want for the bill.

  • Invoice date: Here you must enter the invoice date you want for the bill.

  • Due date: Here you must enter the due date you want for the bill (must be later than the invoice date).

  • Vendor: Here you must select the vendor for the bill. You can select among your company's existing vendors (located in Bill Pay > Vendors) by selecting it from the dropdown menu, or create a new vendor by clicking Create new (see this guide on how to create vendors manually). Click Refresh to refresh the vendors in the dropdown menu if you have just created one.

  • Recurring payment: If you want recurring payments to happen for the bill, click the button next to Is this a recurring bill? You can read more about setting up recurring payments here.

3. When you have made a selection for all of the details, you can add an attachment to the bill by dropping a document in the right side of the page or by clicking this area:

4. Lastly, click Add bill to submit the bill to your company's Corpay One account. Corpay One will spend a moment generating the bill and then take you back to your company's inbox. Here, the bill will be visible like any other bill on your account and behave according to any active workflows:

How does a manually created bill look?

When you manually create a bill, Corpay One automatically generates an attachment based on the details you entered when creating the bill. You can view this attachment by pressing E on your keyboard after clicking the bill, or by clicking the attachment at the bottom of the bill:

  • Check out this article for other ways to submit documents to your company's Corpay One account.

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