Note: In March, 2021, Roger officially changed its name to Corpay One. Our features and functionality have not changed. To learn more and understand the change, read more.

When you upload a bill or receipt to Roger, our intelligent document scanner will automatically read your vendor's details and add them to your vendor list. You can also opt to manually add a vendor by following the simple steps here: 

1. Navigate to the Vendors page in the left sidebar of your web app.

2. Click Add Vendor in the top right corner.

3. Fill in the fields with your vendor's details.

4. Click Save, and you'll see this new vendor added to your list of vendors. 

Note: If a vendor prefers to receive payments via check to a different address from the primary one you've entered, this information can be easily specified in the Payment Methods section. Learn how to set this up here

Notice a duplicate vendor in your list? Or has Roger wrongfully analyzed an expense from an already existing vendor as coming from another vendor? Learn how to merge vendors here

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