How do I disconnect from QuickBooks Desktop?

1. First, log in to QBD on your computer, and navigate to Edit > Preferences:

2. Then go to Integrated Applications > Company Preferences, click on Corpay One in the list, and then click Remove:

3. A new pop-up window opens where you must give one final confirmation of disconnecting the integration. Click Yes to continue:

4. The integration has now been removed from the application list. The final step is to remove the integration from within Corpay One. Navigate to File > App Management > Manage Web Aps:

5. Now you'll see a list of all the apps that QBD offers. Use the search bar at the top or scroll the list for "Corpay One". Click on Set up on the right side of the page:

6. After logging in again and allowing QBD to access Corpay One, simply click on Disconnect to disconnect the integration:

7. That's it! The integration has now been removed completely, and no more data will be synced between Corpay One and QBD. Please note that your existing data in QBD will not be deleted when the integration is disconnected.

When and how does data sync occur?

  • When you submit an expense to Corpay One, you'll see a matching bill entry in QBD. In the integration setup you can select whether this synchronization happens only when a document is approved, or as soon as it's submitted to Corpay One.

  • When you pay a bill in Corpay One you'll see the payment info reflected in QBD as a bill payment.

  • Any changes of categories, departments, notes, etc. on a document in Corpay One will immediately be reflected on the corresponding entry in QBD.

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How can I see which data has synced for a document? Check out the integration log.

Can I manually sync document data to QBD? Yes, you can!

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